Creativity Workshop

Creativity Workshop

What to do in the classroom to help students develop CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS and how to help students APPLY this in REAL-WORLD CONTEXTS


This two-day workshop will draw upon all the resources of Thinking-Based Learning (TBL) to focus on what teachers can do in their classrooms by teaching their students strategies for developing and using creative ideas and then applying these in their lives and in their work to solve real-world problems and develop new and effective projects and inventive products.


  • We will emphasize how to adapt techniques for skillful decision making and problem-solving to develop a planning framework for such real-world applications.


  • As an offshoot we will also focus on what we can do to teach students how to communicate these ideas creatively to others through the use of language and in the arts in ways that express both ideas, appropriate feelings, and deep insights.


  • We will show how teachers can enrich this with techniques for the development of creative ideas used by earlier writers like Edward de Bono, Paul Torrance, and Donald Treffinger.


  • Participants will have an opportunity to develop activities and projects using this framework for use at their own grade level and in their own subject area.

“All Students Can Become Creative Thinkers!” – Robert Swartz


  1. Barcelona: March 9 & 10
  2. Madrid: March 16 & 17


If you pay before February 15, you get to pay 200€ instead of 245€.

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