CTT believes that every student can become a good thinker. To this end, CTT is dedicated to bringing to educators the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to achieve this.




Each of the millions of schools on this planet was established to mold the minds of its students to ensure that each student achieves his/her full potential in ways that positively contribute to the societies in which they live. Yet, most of these schools have failed in assisting their students to achieve this goal . CTT believes that it is this failure that has contributed to many of the problems we experience in the world today.


Our vision is to reverse this and assist in helping schools achieve these goals. We now know everything we need to turn schools into places which really do help students to realize their full potential in ways in which they will contribute to making their societies thriving peaceful communities that positively interact with other communities around the world.


Teaching students to be good skillful thinkers in ways that apply to everything they learn and everything they do, we believe, is the key to this. We believe that every teacher can learn to teach with this goal in mind. They can not only help their students realize their full potential as good thinkers, but also dramatically boost the understand and mastry by these students of the regular content curriculum and assure that they apply what they have learned about good thinking in their lives outside their schools.


It is the vision of CTT that this will be achieved in this century, and that we will be a major contributor to making this happen.