New TBL books in spanish

New TBL books in spanish

It fills us with pride and satisfaction to present the books Pensar para aprender. Cómo transformar el aprendizaje en el aula con el TBL, and Pensar para aprender en el aula. Lecciones de Aprendizaje basado en el Pensamiento (TBL) para Educación Primaria. With the help of members of the CTT teachers and the SM editorial staff, Robert Swartz has composed and put together both of these books to bring to the Spanish-speaking world all of the important classroom details of the instructional methodology, Thinking-Based Learning, which  provides the most effective integral approach to foster good thinking and good learning in each course and subject and, in fact, in every important aspect of our lives.

The first book is about TBL from its roots, how it was created, the different currents of thought that influenced it, the people who worked on the methodology since its inception, the training of teachers, how it has been and is applied in classrooms around the world and what is its future in world education. The second work is a set of real teacher-developed lessons in which TBL teachers teach their students to use good thinking to engage with and achieve deep learning about the content they are learning.

By learning to think good and carefully, and to use critical and creative thinking at its core, the TBL builds on all the important teaching innovations that have been developed and promoted separately over the past 50 years. Many teachers and schools have received high praise, and won awards, for the way in which the TBL has produced a deep and lasting learning in its students.

If you are interested in acquiring one or both books, go to Amazon through this link or write us to For more information, visit the website of the Educational Innovation Library of Editorial SM,


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