We took TBL to Ecuador

TBL Ecuador

We took TBL to Ecuador

During the month of January 2019, our Master Teacher Trainer (MTT) Viridiana Barban, was in Los Pinos School in the city of Quito, Ecuador, training the second group of teachers of the school in the methodology of Learning Based on Thought (TBL by its initials in English).

Los Pinos School, is one of the most recognized schools in the Ecuadorian capital for its leadership in the implementation of innovative educational techniques, and is now carrying out a training in TBL in order to change its teaching methodology -learning and putting emphasis on the development of thinking skills for all their students.

This change in methodology is being carried out by the Center for Teaching Thinking (CTT) and our MTT Viridiana Barban. During this process, a complete cycle of TBL workshops has already been carried out with the first group of teachers and since December of last year a second group of teachers from Los Pinos has started the second cycle of workshops in which they now go for the second TBL workshop.

In addition, the school in its interest to be certified as one of the first TBL schools in Latin America, has also started the seminar for the training of TBL Coaches in order to speed up the certification process.


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