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The mision of the Special Programs office is to expand our offerings on teaching thinking to include a variety of programs that respond to special needs of Spanish teachers and schools regarding the role of thinking in Spanish schools and to play a leadership role in exposing Spanish teachers and schools to new developments in the field. This office will supplement the organized programs on Thinking-Based Learning (TBL) that CTT offers to schools in Spain through its Madrid office of School-Based Programs.

Robert Swartz


Robert Swartz


Dr. Robert Swartz, who directs The Center for Teaching Thinking (CTT) and Co-director of CTT Spain Special Programs. Dr. Swartz is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and has published extensively in the field of teaching thinking.

Áurea González


 Áurea González


Co-director of CTT Spain Special Programs.

Specialist in TBL and Principal of Lope de Vega International School, first TBL school in Spain.

Silvia Berenguer


Silvia Berenguer


Manager of CTT Spain Special Programs.

TBL Coach and Trainer at Lope de Vega International School.



CTT Spain Special Programs offers a wide variety of educational services like:


 – Open workshops related to teaching thinking in the classroom, covering the following fields:


Infusing instruction in analytical, critical and creative thinking skills into content.
Development of longer didactic units including Project Based Units which infuse thinking skills.
Assessing students’ development of skill at thinking.
Creating a culture of thinking in classrooms.
Developing thinking schools.


– CTT Summer Institute in Spain.


– Conferences and keynotes specialised in:

Teaching for the development of important “Habits of Mind”.
The role of Metacognition in the classroom.
Developing Emotional Intelligence.
Visible Thinking: Using “Thinking Routines” in the classroom and creating a classroom “culture of thinking”.
Teaching for Understanding.
Teaching Specialized Thinking Skills for the Development of Multiple Intelligences.
Graphic Organizers for Thinking: Dos and Don’ts.


– Bringing to Spain leaders in the field to present on special topics of importance in the teaching of thinking, like David Perkins from Project Zero at Harvard, and Carol McGuinness from the Network of Thinking Schools in Ireland.


Working with universities throughout Spain to develop special university programs for teachers on teaching thinking, both on site at the universities themselves, and on-line.


There are three levels of programmes that we offer:

  1. Introductory awareness presentations, for those who want to find out what TBL involves.
  2. Training programmes, for those who would like to introduce TBL in their own teaching.
  3. Extension programmes, for those teachers and schools that have already infused thinking in the classroom instruction. For example, developing longer didactic units including problem and project based units that infuse organised clusters of thinking skills, assessing students development of skill at thinking, The development of thinking dispositions.


Programmes will be aimed at infants and primary level instruction, secondary instruction, high school instruction, administrative leadership teams and university faculty.