February Seminars Information Page



Usually during the two middle weeks of February CTT offers two specialized week-long seminars for teachers, school administrators, curriculum specialists, university faculty, and staff-development specialists who have some familiarity and experience with ways to bring the teaching of thinking into school and college classrooms. The seminars explore specific themes related to teaching and assessing thinking each week growing out of the interests of the participants. Some of the topics that have been the focus of the seminar in past years are:


  • How to help students develop skill at making well-thought-out judgments about the reliability of sources of information, and how teaching this important skill can be infused into instruction at different grade levels and in different subject areas.
  • How teachers can assess the thinking skill level of students in ways that can provide feedback for them that helps them improve.
  • The variety of different ways that bringing an emphasis on metacognition in the classroom can benefit students thinking abilities.


Topics of that have been suggested for future seminars are:


  • Structuring classrooms for enhanced content learning through explicitly teaching thinking skills
  • Infusing thinking skill instruction into project-based learning units
  • The use of graphic organizers as tools for enhancing the development of thinking skills
  • Teaching thinking to enhance reading and writing skills
  • Infusing thinking instruction into science
  • Assessing thinking at the classroom level
  • Assimilating habits of mind into thinking skill instruction


Dr. Robert Swartz is the seminar leader and there is a maximum limit of 10 participants for each week of the seminar.


Certification is awarded for seminar participation.