What is FUNDAE?

FUNDAE: State Foundation for Employment Training

Applies to Spain only



FUNDAE’s objective is to help employers and workers improve the skills that prepare them for changes in the labor market and productive sectors, and to promote access to free, quality training for all workers (active and unemployed).


FUNDAE’s challenge is that each year a greater number of companies and workers have access to training and its objective is to get closer to the protagonists and beneficiaries of training, the workers.


For further information, please contact the Vocational Training System for Employment in the Workplace.



What is bonified training?


All companies have a “training credit for their employees“, which can be paid by means of bonuses in the corresponding employer contributions to Social Security as the communication of the end of the training actions is made. The bonified training is not subsidised.


Each company, whatever its size, activity or location, can choose what training it wants to do, with whom it wants to do it, with what content, how and when. Bearing in mind that the training actions are related to the company’s activity, they will be subject to a minimum duration of two hours, and the student must carry out at least 75% of the periodic follow-up controls.


The training actions carried out by the workers will allow the acquisition, improvement and permanent updating of professional competences and qualifications, combining the needs of the people and favouring the productivity of the companies.



How much credit does each company have for training its employees?


The amount of this credit for worker training is obtained on the basis of the amounts received by each company the previous year as a professional training quota.


Companies with less than 50 employees can accumulate the credit available for the training of their workers, two years, the rest of companies can not accumulate it, if it is not consumed during the year is lost.



Which companies can benefit?


All those that have work centres in the national territory and that contribute to Social Security for the contingency of professional training.



Which workers can benefit?


All of those who contribute to Social Security for the contingency of professional training, included:


  • Employed persons
  • Discontinued permanent workers period of non-occupancy
  • Those who become unemployed when they are in training periods
  • Workers subject to employment regulation in their periods of suspension of employment by authorized expedient


Which workers can NOT benefit?


All those who do NOT contribute to Social Security for the contingency of professional training:


  • Self-employed
  • Agrarian
  • Sea
  • Professional at the service of public administrations



*Information obtained from https://www.fundae.es/ and https://www.institutodeformacionprogramada.com/