Series of TBL Workshops in Valencia

Series of TBL Workshops in Valencia

Last February  we started a new series of TBL workshops in the city of Valencia, with the presence of Robert Swartz, in which participants will have the opportunity to prepare and become certified as TBL Teachers.

In each of these three workshops, attendees will be able to learn about four different types of thinking, from decision making to judging the reliability of sources of information to developing creative ideas. In addition, in order for teachers to implement the TBL, they will be responsible for designing and developing the lessons with the methodology by them.

As they do these workshops they will also engage in an in-depth examination of the instructional strategies that involve transforming the classroom into an active-learning classroom in which the students then use the thinking skills they develop to achieve a deep understanding of important content from the curriculum. This is Thinking-Based Learning.


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